Case Studies

Business Needs:

The owner of Shallowford Creek Family Dentistry decided to open his own dental practice in Marietta, GA, and upon finding a suitable location, realized the facility needed a major infrastructure upgrade to accommodate the latest in hi-tech dentistry equipment.  PatMin Office Solutions was contacted to provide a thorough assessment of the technology needs and to meet those needs.

Client Site Visit:

In conducting an on-site visit, PatMin Office Solutions performed a thorough survey of the office space with the client, dental equipment consultant and installation team.  Together, the team compiled a comprehensive list of the custom requirements which were necessary for the client’s practice to operate at maximum efficiency.

Scope of Work:

The project consisted of upgrading the current Cat5 network cabling to Cat6, adding addition AC circuit capacity, installing in-wall conduit for dental equipment wiring, relocating lights and receptacles, installing voice and data jacks and running coax and VGA cables for the audio/video equipment.  In addition to needing servers and computers installed and configured, industry-specific software had to be installed at the server level, instead of on the computers.  PatMin Office Solutions also installed wall mounted flat panel TV and monitors, patch panels and routers, setup VoIP PBX Phone System and WiFi access, added RF modulation capability and video distribution.  A website was also designed for the dental practice.

Project challenges:

As with any projects, the client’s goals sometime change after the initial meeting.  One such change during this project was the client’s desire to add more decorative lighting in the facility without extending the finish date.  PatMin Office Solutions also had to coordinate on a daily basis with the client’s changing visions for the website design.  Another challenge encountered was software compatibility.  The servers installed had Windows 7 with Windows 2008 Server OS, which is not compatible with the Dentrix dentistry software.  After extensive consultation with the software manufacturer, PatMin was able to make the necessary changes to ensure Dentrix could be used on the servers.


PatMin Office Solutions performed every change the client requested, adding items to the scope of work as required, in a timely fashion.  We worked closely with the client throughout the project to provide recommendations to ensure everything works as designed.  The client was extremely pleased with the service they received and agreed to a service and maintenance agreement at the completion to ensure all the communications systems constantly worked at peak performance.

Project Deliverables:

Please see below for a list of project documents that were provided electronically at the end of the project.

  • Master Scope of Work
  • Equipment List
  • Network Layout diagram with IP address information
  • Floor Plan Detail showing every jack and changes
  • Configuration files
  • Custom user guides & Training documents (specially designed for the business)>br>
    All login information detail for every equipment and user accounts
  • Other technical documents
  • Project Service and Maintenance Agreement