IP PBX Phone Systems

Give your small business the large business appearance with the latest phone system. PatMin Office Solutions installs traditional legacy phone systems, the more advanced Internet Protocol (IP) PBX systems as well as Hosted IP PBX services that will provide your business with complete communications scalability.

PatMin Office Solutions’s PBX experts will work within your company’s budget and business plan to design the perfect system for your needs. You will have the ability to add virtually unlimited extensions, even at multiple locations. We can connect multiple offices without the need for additional phone systems in remote offices. We can integrate mobile phones and home phones into your PBX Phone System this will allow you to receive your business calls at home or on the go. A PatMin Office Solutions-installed phone system is completely scalable and designed to accommodate the growth of your business.

PatMin Office Solutions provides the installation and configurations of the following Phone systems:

IP Phone System

IP PBX provides all of the functionality as traditional Digital/Legacy PBX systems and much more. PatMin Office Solutions’ talented staff will work with you to design, install and configure your IP PBX system to fit your organization needs within your budget. Since the IP PBX system will be owned by you, our staff will train your IT administrator to manage your IP PBX system allowing them to make changes to the system which provides you day to day control of system features and calls.

Here are some of the advanced features of the IP Phone System:

  • Auto Attendant and Advanced IVR
  • Multi office support
  • Voice mail to email
  • Web-based management and administration
  • forwarding to external phones
  • Call recording

Hosted IP PBX Solutions

Patmin Office Solutions has partnered with one of the industries leading providers of Hosted IP PBX Systems. Hosted IP PBX Systems does not require any onsite equipment other than the phones themselves. In addition, to the phones you will need a fast Internet connection. As a result, the cost of this system is minimal.

Here are a few of the advanced features of the Hosted IP PBX System:

  • Call Queue
  • Follow me feature (your number rings any where you want to multiple phone numbers)
  • Voice mail to email
  • Web-based management and administration
  • Call forwarding to external phones
  • Call recording
  • Fax to email via e-fax
  • Virtual extension
  • Unlimited extension
  • Metered extension
  • Call groups
  • Dashboard feature (see real time status of co-workers and transfer calls to them)
  • Integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook