Network Services

PatMin Office Solutions has a talented staff that will design the network topology, network protocol and network architecture that best suits your business needs and goals. We also specialize in complete telecommunications services, including PBX and phone systems to infrastructure installation.

PatMin Office Solutions provide managed network services including co-location, virtual private networks, and other related services. Now more than ever businesses rely on their LAN and WAN infrastructure to be fast, reliable, scalable and flexible enough, to handle an ever-increasing variety of critical applications. Ensuring secure, optimal performance among the many components that make up these networks is no easy task. PatMin Office Solutions’s Networking Services are designed to mitigate these difficulties by combining physical network, routers, switches, management, maintenance and monitoring into a simple service, allowing us or your IT staff to concentrate on the applications that deliver value to the business rather than on the performance of the applications and the networks on which they reside.

Infrastructure Installation

PatMin Office Solutions is dedicated to completing every job in the most professional manner possible. This means every installation will be conducted in a safe, neat, and quality fashion. We provide a number of services in preparing or retrofitting your business facility for the latest technology systems, including data cabling, wall jack installations and cabinet installation. If required, we can also provide electrical installation services to complement any new hardware being installed.

Data Cabling / Wall Jack Installation

  • If you are moving, expanding or opening a new office, PatMin Office Solutions will install new cabling and hardware, or connect new hardware to your existing network and configure both systems to ensure seamless operation.
  • Cable management is a cheap and effective way of troubleshooting problems which may arise in the future. PatMin Office Solutions will tag and ID each cable on both ends to allow for proper identification and easy troubleshooting. Proper cable management will also provide a secure and reliable communication system, preventing accidental disconnection causing service failure. Cabling will be completed in a neat and professionally-installed manner.
  • PatMin Office Solutions will install all appropriate voice and data wall jacks at every location based on your requirements. These jacks will be properly labeled for easy identification.
  • PatMin Office Solutions will install the appropriate Cat5e/Cat6 patch panels to provide the single point of termination to the network hardware for flexible routing/patching.

Cabinet Installation

  • Depending on the particular needs of your business, PatMin Office Solutions will install a wall mounted or floor standing data cabinet. These cabinets will safely and neatly store all of your technology hardware in one central location. We will also ensure the requisite electrical input is achieved for each piece of hardware.

Network Hardware Installation

PatMin Office Solutions specializes in designing and configuring complete network solutions for your business. We are focused on ensuring your system is completely configured to your specific needs. We can provide you with a system consultation to determine what your current network needs are and what your future requirements will be based on your anticipated business growth. We install, configure, and maintain the following networking hardware based on your ISP service to satisfy your business needs:

  • Routers
  • Switches
  • Fire Walls
  • Hardware Web Filters
  • Wi-Fi Access Points

Network Services

These are the following networking services PatMin Office Solutions provides:

  • Point-to-Point WAN connection
  • Network printer / scanner setup
  • User authentication setup through either hardware web filters or RADIUS servers
  • Limited internet access control

Wi-Fi Hotspot

PatMin Office Solutions can help your business traffic increase exponentially by making your facility a Wi-Fi Hotspot.  We will tailor the setup to your particular goals and objectives.  Users will be automatically routed to a unique login page that your company can tailor.  You can choose for user authentication to be allowed through a pay per use mechanism or through advertising promotions.  The service would be identical to Wi-Fi services being offered at major restaurants, coffee shops and retailers around the nation.

PatMin Office Solutions delivers the following solutions to support your Wi-Fi Hotspot needs:

  • RADIUS server for user authentication at homepage
  • Paid or Unpaid access for clients
  • Client isolation for privacy
  • Customizable Webpage Access (captive portal)
  • Wi-Fi Access Points
  • Routers, Switches and all necessary equipment for ensuring optimal user reception