IT Consulting

In addition to providing complete turn-key services, the dedicated professionals at PatMin Office Solutions will work closely with your organization to provide the strategic consulting needed to ensure optimal business success.  Our company will also assist in analyzing and identifying potential cost-saving technologies which can help maximize your investment.

The industry veterans from PatMin Office Solutions are focused at every step on saving you money and allowing you to completely customize your package.  Unlike many other companies that assign you one technology advisor, at PatMin Office Solutions, our entire consulting team will deliberate to provide a comprehensive, well-planned solution to your needs.

PATMIN Office Solutions provides the following IT Services:

Server Setup/Configuration

PatMin Office Solutions provides the complete installation, configuration and maintenance of the following servers on Windows 2008 Server Platform:

  • SQL Database Server
  • FTP
  • File/Application Server
  • Web Server / Ecommerce / SharePoint
  • Enterprise
  • Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Print Server
  • Active directory, user groups, and custom login scripts, etc., services
  • Corporate LAN-based antivirus and spyware applications

VPN/Remote Administration

Remote access to your office servers, documents and applications with the use of a secure VPN tunnel.

  • Remote Services include:
    • Remote file access/transfer/upload/download
    • Encrypted VPN tunnel
    • Remote online backup setup
    • Remote desktop sharing for critical support
    • Remote management and monitoring

Web Design

  • PatMin Office Solutions employs experienced graphic designers and programmers who know how to create the most attractive web sites, aimed at increasing your company’s exposure and revenue.
  • No job is too small or too large!  From designing simple logos to designing and launching complex, interactive web sites, the professionals of PatMin Office Solutions are the answer to your business’ requirements.
  • Our experts are experienced in creating comprehensive websites in all of the latest web programming languages, including ASP, CSS, Cold Fusion, Flash, HTML, Java, and XML.  We can incorporate various types of multimedia such as video streaming into your websites.
  • PatMin Office Solutions allows you to enhance the number of visitors to your business’ web page with the use of social media marketing.  We can also help your page get near the top of different search engines for certain search terms using our search engine optimization (SEO) services.


  • FTP
    • PatMin Office Solutions can provide the FTP services that will allow your employees to upload and download shared information from anywhere using unique web portal access.
    • Anything stored on this server has 100% guaranteed, secure back-up.
  • Web hosting
    • PatMin Office Solutions is proud to provide 99.99% uptime in hosting your website.
    • In case of any emergencies, we will respond immediately to ensure you website remains active.
    • After consultation PatMin Office Solutions will design a hosting package just for you complete with disk space, bandwidth, company email accounts and site admin to manage your account.
    • Email Filtering comes standard with our hosting packages allowing you to be able to filter out unwanted emails and SPAM messages.
    • PatMin Office Solutions also offers Email Forwarding as part of our hosting package for those who would like to have their business email address forwarded to a personal email address (company approval required).
    • If your business is like ours, we want to ensure our customers that our primary goal is to respond to their needs as quickly as possible which is why we use the popular Email Responder option providing your client with an auto-response to the email they send advising them someone will respond back within a certain amount of time.
    • Sub-domains are also a popular item with websites. Sub-domains allow you to specifically market a specific item via your website by providing your clients with a unique URL/website address that will take them directly to this product or service.