I am a Dentist starting my own practice, what services can you provide to me?

We provide all the services you will need to get your business up and running as quickly as possible.  Our services include IT consulting, web design, web hosting, server setup, remote login, voice/PBX and data network setup, Wi-Fi Hotspot, audio video distributions, conference room setup as well as mounting screens, monitors, projectors and all cabling infrastructure.

How would it benefit me to use one vendor for all the required services I need as opposed to using service specific multiple venders for my project?

Using one qualified vendor to perform all services will usually save you about 20% or more and will save you some heartache and time when it come to dealing with more than one service and installation vendor.  You will only have to make one phone call for project status and any transition and or change would be seamless.

My business has a need to share large secure and non-secure files with customers; do you have a solution that will allow us to perform this action without sending these large files via email?

Yes, we have a couple of options that will work for you.  If you have web hosting with us this service is included.  If you do not have web hosting service with us and you currently have a server we can assist you with getting this option setup on your server.

I have software specific to my industry that I would like to have installed on my server for all of my employees to access do you have the experience and expertise to perform this task?

Yes.  Our team of IT specialists can install and configure your industry specific software on your server and setup your employee computers to be able to access the software.

I would like for my employees to have access to their company emails on their Blackberry and other smart devices, is this possible and do you provide this service?

Yes.  We can setup Microsoft Exchange Server on your server to allow emails to be synced with your computers, Blackberry and other smart devices.

I have an after hour emergency that requires me to access specific files from my office server, do you have a solution that will allow me to do this?

Yes.  Secure VPN Access is the solution for you.  We will setup a secure VPN tunnel that will allow you to access specific network drives remotely which will give you access to these files without leaving your home.

We would like to have background music playing throughout the day through speakers but some times I want no sound in some areas and sound in other areas in the office, is this possible?

Yes.  This is referred to as zone control, along with speaker and cabling installation we also install manual volume control and source selection switches in the different zones based on your identified areas.  You can control the volume and source.

I have several televisions mounted throughout my office and I want to distribute the same video to all televisions, can you do this?

Yes.  We can design and install a video distribution system that will allow you to distribute the same video on multiple televisions and also different signals to individual televisions.

Our company requires weekly staff meetings and need the use of power point presentations to be presented to the audience. Do you setup or install projectors or the tools required for this?

Yes.  We do install projectors, screens and the associated cable jacks required to connect to the computer or other audio-visual devices for this purpose.  We would also provide a jack on a table or wall so you will not have to deal with messy cables.

I want to display my promotions or messages on a monitor and show it in full screen or in a ticker on the bottom of the monitor, do you provide this service?

Yes.  PatMin Office Solutions can setup a state of the art Digital Signage System that provides these functions and many more.

I would like to setup a conference room equipped with video conferencing capabilities. Is this a service that you provide?

We can setup your conference room with speaker phones, cameras, and multiple displays so the video conference can be seen and heard from anywhere in the room.

I have an existing Legacy PBX and I want to update it, which is the best system VoIP or Legacy?

VoiP. A VoIP PBX offers more scalability, more features, and easy expansion in case of growth.

Do I need to update existing internal phone cabling if I want to upgrade an existing Legacy PBX System to a VoIP PBX System?

Yes and No. Legacy PBX’s operate over a single pair cable with RJ-11 connectors while VoIP PBX’s operate over a two or three pair cable with RJ-45 connectors. However, existing data networks with CAT5e/CAT6 cable with RJ-45 connectors can be utilizes for VoIP PBX Systems.

Will a regular Analog Phone work with a VoIP PBX platform?

Yes. An Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) is required to use with any analog phone.

I have tree remote locations and one PBX System in my primary office can I have local extension for the other two locations run off the PBX System in my primary office?

Yes. One local VoIP PBX System or IP PBX hosted services can be used to support multiple offices with local extensions.

Can I receive voice mails via emails with VoIP PBX System?

Yes. This is one of the many features available with a VoIP PBX System that’s not available with a Legacy PBX System.

Is internet service required to operate a VoIP PBX System?

Since VoIP PBX’s can work on any traditional phone lines with analog trunks, ISDN, T1, E1 and PRI services as well as voice over IP (VoIP), internet service may not be required.

Shared service lines may require internet service.

Do I need to update my PBX System? How often?

Updating Legacy PBX Systems can be intensive and expensive and requires a technician to be onsite. This may require reconfiguration of the entire system and could also require a new system to be installed due to limited scalability, updates to this system is only required when additional hardware changes are needed. Updating VoIP PBX Systems are less intensive and expensive. Updating these systems can be performed remotely and may only require software/firmware changes that will need to be performed according to the system manufacturer.

Do I need special or a certain phones to work with my PBX System? (Answer must address both Legacy and VoIP PBX’s)

Legacy Phone Systems requires the phones and system be manufactured by the same company while VoIP Phone Systems will work with any VoIP phone that supports that configured protocol. There are more varieties of VoIP phones available including WiFi pones from several manufacturers.

How does maintaining a Legacy PBX compare to maintaining a VoIP PBX?

Maintaining Legacy PBX’s requires an onsite technician while a VoIP PBX in many cases can be maintained, updated and managed remotely.