AV Solutions

PatMin Office Solutions can provide your company with the technologies it needs to increase productivity and client satisfaction. Our company has extensive experience in designing and installing a variety of business audio video solutions such as conference room setups, digital signage and audio video distribution. PatMin Office Solutions provides the following services:

Zoned Audio

Do you want to have the ability to control the volume level or source in different parts of your facility? If so, we can build a state-of-the-art audio system which allows you complete control to do this.

PatMin Office Solutions provides the following audio solutions:

  • Ceiling or wall mount speaker and cable installation
  • Audio distribution system with individual volume control per zone
  • Complete control of audio source, such as AM/FM Radio, portable Mp3 and CD players

Digital Signage

Increase visibility and revenue through the use of digital signage such as plasma TVs and displays. PatMin Office Solutions will examine your business setting to identify the ideal location for the use of such displays to maximize advertising revenues and visibility.

You will have the ability to display numerous types of video messages, including educational or marketing videos. Digital signage will be tailored to your needs and goals and may include interactive consoles that your customers will enjoy.

Video Distributions

If your business needs call for multiple television sets, we can develop a system which allows you to distribute audio and video from one central location to each TV set in your business.

PatMin Office Solutions can provide the following video services:

  • Installation of wall-mounted plasma TV and wall plates and jacks
  • Complete control of video source, such as DVD players, stand-alone media players, or computers

Video Conferencing

In today’s economic climate, business must take place immediately and most importantly, in a cost-efficient fashion. No longer will business travel be a necessity. With a PatMin Office Solutions-installed video conferencing setup, you will now be able to conduct virtual meetings faster and more efficiently. Our professionals will evaluate your business needs to identify the perfect conference room setup to assist you.

Projector/screen setup

Are you tired of setting up a projector and screen every time you have a business meeting? PatMin Office Solutions can help you avoid costly setup times and slanted images on projection screens with a professionally installed, ceiling-mounted projector and screen. We will work within your company’s budget to create the perfect projector/screen package.

Conference room setup

Your company can now utilize the latest technologies to enhance business communication. With today’s conference call equipment, an entire conference room can participate seamlessly on the same conference call without annoying sounds or glitches from the telephone.

PatMin Office Solutions offers the following services:

  • Conference phone console with microphones with 360-degree pickup
  • Individual microphones with volume level and mute controls